Friday, November 13, 2009

my family :))

Rosman bin osman
(my beloved ayahanda)
in the picture above is my father. he is the best father in the world. his cool, gentle, funny,lovely,sporting n more. ia juga kuat melatah. haha. my habbit is kacau ia 24hours. sian my ayah cyg ny. haha. no wonder that my mother keep saying that i ny ank ayah. haha. we're very close. even i'm 16y/o but my attitude like 3y/o. always asked my father to carry me at his back , hug him very tight n bully him. haha. but, that is the way i show my love. you know what, every words that he said can make me cry. even he said with little high voice n his not mad act but automaticly i'll cry or overflowing. i love him very much you know. no one can replaced him. we always fighting you know? haha. bile i merajuk nan ayah, i akan ckp 'tanak lah kwn nan ayh' . then he will say 'tanak suda, slmt duit aku. haha' . when i heard he say that, i will say 'eah cop2, ta jd la, adk na kwn nan ayh blek'. after that we will loughing like hell. haha. everyday this dialog akan kami lontarkn. haha. hmm. he is my father, boyfriend, hero, my strength n everything.

p/s : thx for everything ayh. when i was born until now you always make me happy. n i'm sorry for my bad behaviour. iloveyou ayah ! :)

fazidah binti samin
(my beloved bonda)

yeah, she is my mother. she is the best my mother in the world too. but sometimes she's not. haha. she is garang,sporting,lovely, n moreeee. even sometimes she annoying but i still love her very much. no one can replaced her too . i ny mmg ank mnje kn. i ny mmg mnje kn, so even kdg2 i skit aty nan ia, tp i tetap suke huh ia, kish ia, mntak dukung sume. haha. tp bile ia nga naek angin, sumpah takut weyhh. grr. i mls la na citer yg buruk2 psl ia kn, i na citer yg best2 jeh. haha. sury ibu, ily. hee. she is my bonda, bestfriend, fashion adviser, my backbones n evertything.

p/s : ibu, adek mntak maaf bab adek manyak sgt wat slh nan ibu. but i always loving you no matter what u do to me. you always the best person in my life. i am the lucky daughter b'coz i've got you as my mother :)

Ahmad Shafiq bin rosman
(my beloved kakanda)

he is my big brother n the eldest son. his attidue is same as my mother. hot tamper,caring n loving sometimes, crazy,jahat, n ect. haha. his word also have a power like my dad. grr. what ever he said , can make me cry. lg2 when he treat me very nice or when he said that he love me. perggghh, meleleh siot air mate. idk why i feel like that. weird isn't? haha. i also manje nan ia. but not 24 hours lah kn. tp tak la hug2 sume tuh. biase2 jeh. haha. n ia suke tarik rmbut i. haha. siot jeh. n u know what, bile ia na siap2 bru pas mndy n na kua kn, ia la siap plng lmbt. mcm pompuan. na test2 bju dlu, touch-up2 dlu. hahah. walopun juz na kua g kday dpn. haha. sengal kn? he always asked me when da siap2 pkay bju sume en 'adek, oke ta? klaka ta? smart?'. i also asked him that question too when i want to go out. haha. tp my father always col us 'anjeng n kucing' . b'coz kalo kitowg da gado 1 ary mmg tak sah. haha. but i always love him even he is annoying too ;DD.

p/s : abg, adek syg kat abg aw. eventhough adek slalu makan hati nan abg , adek tetap syg abg. haha.

Amiratul shahirah binti rosman

(yes, this is me)

i am the youngest in my siblings. 1st is my brother n the last one is me. you all already knew that i ny mmg mnje kn? haha. i ny friendly, not good in fighting, sensetive,cheerful, n idk. haha. i have no more words to say. so, i left u all with one kiss, mwahxx. haha.