Friday, October 16, 2009


so many things that we have to get through in this world. all the experience and memories is called a life. no matter what was the experience or memories that u've been through it must give the effect in your life. i give u some of the example oke. hmm, from 5 y/o we go to school until 17y/o . we go to school b'coz we want to improve our knowledge to go another step of our life. we learned about maths,bm,bi,science,fzk,chmstry,agama,sjrah n more. after we finished SPM, we start go to the next stage. we become matured n start thinking what we want to do. continue stdying or work. whatever the choice u make for ur own future it must be a right choice. it is b'coz 1 step u go foward, u can't go back . we've got the experience from this journey right? and from this experience u also got so many memories . sweet memories n bad memories. memories of fall in love, hurt, go to holiday, sumone that we love die, get a new friends, lost a bestfriends, and ect. from all of this experience n memories its make ur life better. but some people make the wrong ways from the begining so that their future is dark n become worse. the conclusion is there is no life if u have no experience and memories. b'coz from both of it , it will give u a instruction to improve ur life for the future.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

da lme ta update blog weyh

hello guys, sury coz da lme ta on ms n blog. ms slalu gak la i on but blog tidak.
haha. i'm so bz lately.ade kelas itu kelas ini, pegy sne, pegy cny, bz bz bz. haha. smpay ta update pun psl raye. haha. sokayy la. jnjy i dpt wish HAPPY DEEPAVALI . haha. next week 26oktber da final exam. mampus. tastudy lg doe.. ayorrkk. seremm. makin dkt na cuty skula ny makin mls lak na blaja. otak pk na pegy bejln jeh. haha. tp tape, ade mse lg 1 mnggu for get ready. kn? wish me luck k. hee :))