Saturday, November 28, 2009

no tittle .

hmm. i just want to talk. i mean i want to write anything in my minds. haha. hmm. i felt so boringg lately. i just stay at home n not going any where. only sitting in front of television n laptop. i wish i can go to the beach or shopping mall or air terjun n anywhere that far from my house. grr. but i still fine here. haha. we have just 4 n 5 weeks more before the holiday ends. right? hmm. sometimes i wish i have my own car to go to any where i want. just drive drive n drive till the petrol finished . haha. but the fact is i have no car n i can't drive b'coz idk how. haha.

hmm. lets talk about something else. hmm. do u think that MR. RIGHT is really exist? i mean a man who is romantic, lovely, caring, honesty,sincerely, n more . i like to watch a love story u know. expecially english movie. evrytime i watch that kind of story i felt stunning to the heroes n heroin. b'coz its make me believe that the true love is exist.haha. its doesn't make sense right?

i know maybe 20% of man in this world are MR.RIGHT. but not all of the man is perfect. no no no. no one is perfect act. everyone have their own advantage n dearth . we're not searching for perfect love act, but we're searching for happyness in a relationship. isn't? :) but if i get a MR.RIGHT, wahhhh i think my life gonna be bright bright n more bright which is fully with the beautiful diomand that always shine on me. hahaha. it just a dream. hmm.

love is a half of the reason for us to continue our life. isn't? but not for everyone. haha. half of people just ignore what they feel or what they want . maybe b'coz they are afraid of sumthing or they don't know how to tell the truth. am i right? hmm. no wonder lah ade yg jd "andertu" or "bujang telajak" kn? haha.

hmm. can i know the reality of life is? my life is great act. but i'm not see it in the right way. i mean i'm not felt like i'm the lucky one who have a good life. hmm. i've got everything, my parents bought everything for me. they also spent a lot of money for me. not just properties but they give me a love . but sometimes i hate when my mother yelling and mad at me. it is annoyng, but i know i've make a lot of mistakes n she just want me to realize what i was did n be a good girl . hmm. i always imagine that my life is like the fairytale or princess. i imagine that i have many beautiful shoes, cloth, accesries n more. i only have to wait for the true love n happy . no sadness. the fairytale story is always have the happy ending. there have a great story n wonderfull life. but the reality is, life is not easy n focus for one thing. we have to face many things n it is not easy like the story we hear or read . its more hard n precious. n we can feel the truth not just see with the eyes n hear with the ears. last night is history, today is reality n tomorrow is mistery. is it true? yeah ofcoz it is. we can learn from the past , face a new things today n we can't expect what will happen tomorrow . hmm. do u know what will happen in 1 second next ? every 1 seconds anything can happen. people born and died. this world become oldest . and our age increase n near to the last breathe. but y we still doing the same thing everyday? no changes in our daily routine. boringg isn't? hmm. yeah , who knows maybe someone always do the same things b'coz they feel happy with their own ways. like to do the same mistakes. no realization. not thinking wise n always do something that he never have to do. especially teenagers like me. in our age, we're not looking for the future. not b'coz we can't think for our own future but we're NOT think for the future. just stuck in one direction. but we can change our direction if we want to n try to go other direction that bring us to the right way.
lastly, anything what we're doing, make sure we do the right things and not just follow ur mind. we have to listen for our hearts too and think before we make the decision. i'm not perfect to give advise for other people, but this advise is to myself. i always remind myself to do the good things. sometimes i do the right things but sometimes i do the bad things. i'm normal person right not an angel or GOD.

shopping :)

ny la na citer, haha. mase ary khamis rytuh one day before raye haji, aku n parnts aku kua la en.
kononnye na g lunch n bli brng msk kat giant. tetibe ibu aku dgr lak iklan kat radio psl parkson ade sale . then trus ia ajk g parkson kat batu phat. haha. aku pa lg excited lah kn na pegy. da lame tashopping. hahha. pas mkn kat pumpkin trus kitowg grak g bp. mse smpay tu pergh rmay gyle owg kat dlm . ia mcm bg 1 hour utk owg serbu lelong nye tao. hahha. then aku bli 2 sua, n dua bju. and high heels carlorino wane kuning 1 . heels tu i bought only rm29. cntek doe. i love it. then da abes mase kitowg msuk kat dlm parkson nye plak. td kat lua aww. pa2 masuk2 nmpak plak handbag . then g la round2. aku da tepikat kat 1 handbag alain delon ny aww. skaly pndang jeh trus jatuh cinta. haha. aku enat ibu ta kasi bli aw, tp ia kate amek la. hargenye rm170 lebeyh aw. tu after 50% less. perghh, mhal. haha. pkay baucher leyh la kn. haha. mak aku bli 3 handbag aw. sume lawa2 doe. gerram aje. haha. ny la antara brang yg aku bli. hee. thx ibu :))

Friday, November 20, 2009

this is a friends :D

i amek mase berjam2 utk menyiapkn video ini. haha. all the memories will never erased b'coz i love all my friends. i hope u guys also love our friendship :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

snap picture with my lesbobies amoyy :)

pagi td ade program hari penutup derma parenthon. kul 8sengah mcm tu ade poco-poco aw. ahhaha. best gyle. yg plng excited aku lah kn. haha. mcm2 lgu ia bkk. lgu keling pun ade. haha. aku pun ape lg, joget tarian keling la. haha, then cegu sempat snap plak mse aku nga joget keling tuh gne cmera ia. haha. tp aku tadpt tgk. bab cegu tuh da blek. haha. pa2 pas amek hadiah n mkn, aku , amoyy n ank cegu aku izzah g jln2 kat dlm skula. then kitowg port kat tapak perhimpunan. amoyy ckp 'jum amek pic lompat2' haha. aku pun ape lg, terus mangon n sruh izzah snap. haha. iny lah hasil dri pengmbrn kami tgh ary td. haha ;))

Friday, November 13, 2009

my family :))

Rosman bin osman
(my beloved ayahanda)
in the picture above is my father. he is the best father in the world. his cool, gentle, funny,lovely,sporting n more. ia juga kuat melatah. haha. my habbit is kacau ia 24hours. sian my ayah cyg ny. haha. no wonder that my mother keep saying that i ny ank ayah. haha. we're very close. even i'm 16y/o but my attitude like 3y/o. always asked my father to carry me at his back , hug him very tight n bully him. haha. but, that is the way i show my love. you know what, every words that he said can make me cry. even he said with little high voice n his not mad act but automaticly i'll cry or overflowing. i love him very much you know. no one can replaced him. we always fighting you know? haha. bile i merajuk nan ayah, i akan ckp 'tanak lah kwn nan ayh' . then he will say 'tanak suda, slmt duit aku. haha' . when i heard he say that, i will say 'eah cop2, ta jd la, adk na kwn nan ayh blek'. after that we will loughing like hell. haha. everyday this dialog akan kami lontarkn. haha. hmm. he is my father, boyfriend, hero, my strength n everything.

p/s : thx for everything ayh. when i was born until now you always make me happy. n i'm sorry for my bad behaviour. iloveyou ayah ! :)

fazidah binti samin
(my beloved bonda)

yeah, she is my mother. she is the best my mother in the world too. but sometimes she's not. haha. she is garang,sporting,lovely, n moreeee. even sometimes she annoying but i still love her very much. no one can replaced her too . i ny mmg ank mnje kn. i ny mmg mnje kn, so even kdg2 i skit aty nan ia, tp i tetap suke huh ia, kish ia, mntak dukung sume. haha. tp bile ia nga naek angin, sumpah takut weyhh. grr. i mls la na citer yg buruk2 psl ia kn, i na citer yg best2 jeh. haha. sury ibu, ily. hee. she is my bonda, bestfriend, fashion adviser, my backbones n evertything.

p/s : ibu, adek mntak maaf bab adek manyak sgt wat slh nan ibu. but i always loving you no matter what u do to me. you always the best person in my life. i am the lucky daughter b'coz i've got you as my mother :)

Ahmad Shafiq bin rosman
(my beloved kakanda)

he is my big brother n the eldest son. his attidue is same as my mother. hot tamper,caring n loving sometimes, crazy,jahat, n ect. haha. his word also have a power like my dad. grr. what ever he said , can make me cry. lg2 when he treat me very nice or when he said that he love me. perggghh, meleleh siot air mate. idk why i feel like that. weird isn't? haha. i also manje nan ia. but not 24 hours lah kn. tp tak la hug2 sume tuh. biase2 jeh. haha. n ia suke tarik rmbut i. haha. siot jeh. n u know what, bile ia na siap2 bru pas mndy n na kua kn, ia la siap plng lmbt. mcm pompuan. na test2 bju dlu, touch-up2 dlu. hahah. walopun juz na kua g kday dpn. haha. sengal kn? he always asked me when da siap2 pkay bju sume en 'adek, oke ta? klaka ta? smart?'. i also asked him that question too when i want to go out. haha. tp my father always col us 'anjeng n kucing' . b'coz kalo kitowg da gado 1 ary mmg tak sah. haha. but i always love him even he is annoying too ;DD.

p/s : abg, adek syg kat abg aw. eventhough adek slalu makan hati nan abg , adek tetap syg abg. haha.

Amiratul shahirah binti rosman

(yes, this is me)

i am the youngest in my siblings. 1st is my brother n the last one is me. you all already knew that i ny mmg mnje kn? haha. i ny friendly, not good in fighting, sensetive,cheerful, n idk. haha. i have no more words to say. so, i left u all with one kiss, mwahxx. haha.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

i am happiness girl :)

- yeah, i wanna smile n loughing like this everyday :))

Sunday, November 01, 2009

my routine :)

school day - as usual perkare wajib yg dilakukn ialah check hp ade msj or miscol ke takde. haha. then mengeliat dlu. pastu kmas tmpat tido. n i will sit infront of the mirror . dok2 dpn cemin berangan jap, senyum sorg2, ckp gudmorning , betul2 kn rmbut n kish mirror. haha. then kunci pintu blik pa2 amek towel n go to bath. pas mndy mestyla pkay bju kn, haha. then gsok bju skula jap kat blik ayh n pkay. pas da siap pkay bju n tdung, amek hp msj danial ckp 'oke by, i gtg na off hp ny. tc n ily, tata' . pa2 off hp n nyorokkn. haha. after that amek bag, tutup kipas n lampu n pintu n ltk bag kat pntu dpn. isi air dlm botol pink i tu kjap n slm parnts, n ofcoz kacau ayh skaly. haha . ckp iloveyou kat diowg n babyee. kunci pintu n naek van. da smpay kat skula tu biase borak2 kan. n ofcoz i like to disturb people. haha. ketawa sne, joget sne joget cny, merepek2 jap. haha. ble blek skula , slin bju n tido. if tatido aku tgk tb, ampay kaen n mencekik. da kul 6 g mndy n snap2 pic jap n joget2 kat dlm blik n berangan2 , pa2 bru kua blik n get my dinner, haha. pa2 tgk tb or on9. pa2 tido. haha. dgr mcm boringg kn routine i ny? tp for me, ta boringg langsung. maybe b'coz i da set my mind that say no to "boringg". hahha. aku ta pk boringg pun. so, taboringg la. hee. iny routine harian aku :))