Wednesday, August 19, 2009

william shakespear. haha :D

no lights through the hole
all parts is in the dark
i'm alone here. no body care about me
no one can hear my tears
no one can feel my pain and hurt
even i cry and scream loudly
but no one comes n comfort me
even there are many people around me
it seems like a thousand miles away
all my happiness are gone
i've lost in my own world
i can't find the way to walk out
i'm stuck in the sadness
no hope anymore
please end all of this misery !
i have no reason to lough again
no one understand me
no one !
they can see nothing
just like a shadow
its don't have a soul
no eyes to see
no ears to hear
no mouth to talk
no heart to feel
no skin to touch
its come n dissapear when the light in and out
i can't do anything because i have nothing