Friday, July 31, 2009

red roses

In the flower's garden,
i found a red rose tht growth alone,
its shining under the moonlight,
its seems like give me a hope.
oh red rose,
where are you come from?
where is your family?
why you shine alone?
can i take you with me?
i take the rose to the sea,
its sit beside me and company me till late of night,
we sit in front of the moon that slit between the mountain,
here i let it go,
i put it in a bottle and throw it to the sea,
i wish that the rose will shine forever.
go rose , let your own free,
go to anywhere you wish to,
i put my hope on your brightness to bring a happyness for me,
i will never replace your memories with others oh rose,
i''ll missing you red rose.
(i hope i find my happyness one day)