Friday, October 16, 2009


so many things that we have to get through in this world. all the experience and memories is called a life. no matter what was the experience or memories that u've been through it must give the effect in your life. i give u some of the example oke. hmm, from 5 y/o we go to school until 17y/o . we go to school b'coz we want to improve our knowledge to go another step of our life. we learned about maths,bm,bi,science,fzk,chmstry,agama,sjrah n more. after we finished SPM, we start go to the next stage. we become matured n start thinking what we want to do. continue stdying or work. whatever the choice u make for ur own future it must be a right choice. it is b'coz 1 step u go foward, u can't go back . we've got the experience from this journey right? and from this experience u also got so many memories . sweet memories n bad memories. memories of fall in love, hurt, go to holiday, sumone that we love die, get a new friends, lost a bestfriends, and ect. from all of this experience n memories its make ur life better. but some people make the wrong ways from the begining so that their future is dark n become worse. the conclusion is there is no life if u have no experience and memories. b'coz from both of it , it will give u a instruction to improve ur life for the future.