Thursday, September 10, 2009

i hope there is no fake in FRIENDSHIP !

haih. susa na explain what i feel right now. i feel like i am the stupid person who is easily to trust people. puw3 said i have to be a strong person and dont think that i can't live without friends. i have my own life n i have to face it without think about others feeling if there are not care about me like i do. its mean, i dnt have to think about others , juz think about myself. but, i cant do that. i always think that i have no direction n lost if i dnt have a friends. i need a friends who can share the sweet n sad moment. always together. understanding n no FAKE. i love my friends in myspace that always be wtih me all the time even we're never meet . i know i can trust them not like other people around me who always be an annoying. n ofcoz i love my bestbestbest friends putrinurainie n khairunnazurah. this two cute girls always be beside me. we share our tears n hppyness all the time. we give advised for each other, n share evrything. everything in and out of life. geez, im so lucky b'coz ALLAH gave me this two girl. i hope our friendship will not end until when when, ahhahaha. before i go, i wanna ask all of u sumthing, is it wrong if i adore someone like AMBERCHIA? she's not 'chia'. she beautiful i guess. tp why owg kluang ny suke palat aku? bodoh ke hape? apelaa. na palat aku cantek mcm amberchia tp highlightkn 'chia' tuh. there is no respect lah people. u want everyone give a respect on u but u ? haha. think wisely la . k la, c u in the next chapter of my life. ahha. i love my truly friends only. daa :)